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The Portal uses mobile phone verification to help ensure that users are verified (just like online banking).

This means you will receive a code to your mobile phone each time you log in to the Portal. This safeguards your security on the Portal.

The benefits of this include:

  • Improved security and user experience
  • Self-service password reset

Enter your mobile number below and click Send. You will receive a code via text message.


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The Tusla Portal allows you to make secure online submissions.
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Early Years Registrations

Providers of Early Years, School Age Care and Childminder services can submit their registrations and associated payments. Read more …

Reporting a Concern to Tusla

Submit a Child Protection and Welfare Report Form to report concerns about children under the age of 18 or submit a Retrospective Abuse Report Form if you want to report an adult's disclosure that abuse took place during their childhood. Read more …

Funding Applications

Providers of Child and Family related services can submit their annual funding application. Read more …

Tusla Education Support Services (TESS)

Schools can submit Student Absence Reports, Annual Attendance Returns, School Attendance Referrals and Reduced School Day Notifications via this portal while parents and agencies can submit School Attendance Referrals. Read more …